World of Warcraft Classic – 15 Years Later


Those of you that have read the ‘Meet Grandma’ section of this website are aware one of my favorite games that I ever played was World of Warcraft Classic back in the mid-2000s. When I started this website the stories about how I enjoyed that game so much came back out into circulation around the family. One night, while talking to Will and his friends I got running my mouth about WoW again.

A couple of days later Will told me that ’the boys’ had talked it over and decided they should play World of Warcraft with me. They wanted to play the classic edition same as I had used during the time I was playing. I was thrilled.

World of Warcraft Classic
Then they told me their conditions. I had always played PvE (player verse environment) for the Alliance. They wanted to play PvP (player versus player) for the Horde. Alright, this was going to be unfamiliar to me but I could manage. I told him I wanted to start my character because it had been so long since I played so they told me I could pick any well populated PVP server and they would meet me there when they were ready to join me.

So, I opened the World of Warcraft account and began to build an undead sorcerer. The Horde characters grow up in a whole different part of the land than the Alliance characters did so I didn’t really know any of the opening quests that I had expected to be able to be familiar with and just race through. It’s just different.

The mechanics of the game came back to me really quickly,  I remembered how to move the characters, how do read the  map, how to find my quest log and sell and repair and equip  new items so it wasn’t completely confusing,  but the rest was unfamiliar . I am having a great time getting ahead of these kids who think they’re going to kill me when they get out there.

A PvP server, they probably are going to kill me. However, I’m not going to make it easy. I hope.  I WILL keep you posted.

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