SnowRunner is on Xbox One

Get behind the wheel, SnowRunners, there’s work to be done!

SnowRunner is on Xbox One! The great wilderness of SnowRunner is home to all kinds of jobs, places to discover, and challenges to take on. With this article, we aim to give you a better understanding of what you’ll be doing out there in the mud and snow, besides driving badass trucks!

SnowRunner is on Xbox One

The three regions (Alaska, Michigan, and Taymyr) are rugged and harsh, full of beauty and untapped potential. Your role in SnowRunner is as the vanguard, the first in line, taking on contracts for businesses as they try to secure a foothold.

Activities in SnowRunner can be split into four categories: Contracts, Tasks, Challenges, and Exploration.


Every region has businesses that require your skills and intrepid spirit. There is a set number of contracts in every region (each made up of several maps), and all the ones you can acquire on a certain map are visible from the get go on the map screen, provided you have uncovered the fog of war in that location. SnowRunner is on Xbox One!

SnowRunner is on Xbox One

Although still visible, some contracts are locked until you meet specific requirements, such as completing a different contract first. These requirements are shown in the contract. Contracts always involve delivering some form of cargo to a specific location, but keep in mind that these deliveries can sometimes take you from one map to another (but not across regions).

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Tasks are one-time objectives that you discover naturally as you explore the map. When you discover a task, you will get a notification and the task will become visible on your map. There are a variety of tasks that are different from contracted cargo delivery, such as rescuing a stuck vehicle, searching for oil, reaching a special location, and bringing supplies to repair infrastructure or buildings.  SnowRunner is on Xbox One!

SnowRunner is on Xbox One


Entirely optional, contests are timed challenges where a faster completion time equals a better reward. These are accessed in the same way as tasks, through exploring the map, and involve reaching certain locations and delivering cargo. Some of them include special conditions, such as completing them at night, or in first person view, or avoiding damage to your vehicle, and so on.


Besides being its own reward, we’ve made sure exploration can lead to other surprises. As you make your way through the snow, mud, hills, swamps, mountains, and forests, you will come across various types of buildings, vehicles, trailers, and even upgrades.

SnowRunner is on Xbox One

Watchtowers are spread across the map and will uncover a big chunk of the fog of war when you reach them, revealing things like buildings and upgrades on the map, as well as some kind of tasks. Challenge zones however, will only be discovered and displayed on the map after you have physically approached them.  SnowRunner is on Xbox One!

SnowRunner is on Xbox One

The size of SnowRunner’s maps is truly gigantic compared to MudRunner, even if you include all post-launch content. The same goes for the amount of stuff to do – the maps aren’t just bigger, they’re more detailed and crowded with activities.

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The Rest is up to You

While SnowRunner features a ton of tailored tasks and challenges, it’s ultimately up to you to play the game in the way you enjoy most. Create your own challenges, race your friends, load your truck with way too much cargo, or have a good old fashioned tug of war using the winch.

The activities we’ve described above, particularly the contracts and tasks, are intended to provide a good flow for players to make their way through the maps naturally, unlocking and discovering new vehicles, buildings, and upgrades as they go. Challenges can spice things up, but are in no way obligatory.


Your progress, both global and for each map, can be viewed on your driver profile. This shows the number of completed contracts, tasks, challenges, and more, all of which affects your driver rank and badge. You’ll have to achieve a higher driver rank to unlock some trucks and addons, and it’s a good indicator of your overall experience as a driver.

We hope you’ve all enjoyed this look into the activities in SnowRunner. We can’t wait to have you behind the wheel delivering supplies, repairing and building infrastructure, and exploring the wild expanses of SnowRunner. See you in the snow!


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