Persona 4 Golden Available on PC

Persona 4 originally released on PlayStation 2 in 2008, and then was revisited with new content on Vita in 2012. That enhanced version, called Persona 4 Golden, was just released by Atlus and Sega on PC through Steam, and will hopefully be the start of this series moving to PC and other platforms.

The standard edition of Persona 4 Golden is selling for just $19.99. You can also pick up a deluxe edition that comes with a digital art book and digital soundtrack for $24.99.

The game’s launch on PC is a first for the mainline Persona series, which has previously been restricted to PlayStation platforms. Persona 4 Golden, released in 2012, follows a group of small town teens investigating a series of murders. Golden adds new characters, dungeons, and more from the original game. It’s one of the series’ most highly praised games; it’s also inspired several spin-offs, including Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

The last game in the series, Persona 5, recently had its own enhanced edition with Persona 5 Royal. So far, spin-off games have launched for Nintendo 3DS (Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth) and PlayStation 4 and Vita (Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight).

In 2012, Game Informer’s Kimberley Wallace gave the Vita version of Persona 4 Golden a review score of 8.5 out of 10 and said its “greatest strength is that everything fits together seamlessly, from the connected battle and social aspects to the fresh changes. Newcomers are sure to find plenty to love, while series veterans can revisit fond memories and experience new content. This game still remains one of the best RPGs to date; don’t miss out on your second chance to experience it.”

You can see the PC version in action in the trailer below:

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