SnowRunner Patch Notes

A new SnowRunner patch is available, featuring new content and plenty of fixes and quality of life improvements. The “Rift” update, which is free on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, adds a fourth environment to the Russian region of Taymyr, bringing the number of maps available in the base …

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TwitchCop emote on Desk Duty

TwitchCop is a global emote that, according to The Verge, was added to the platform following a fan vote in 2017. It was quietly removed from the platform yesterday, a move that Twitch said was to “prevent misuse.” “We made the decision to proactively pull down the TwitchCop emote to …

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Summer Digital Event Schedule

With the circumstances surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic causing organizers to cancel major conventions and expos and like E3, Gamescom, and Tokyo Game Show, many publishers, developers, and event organizers have turned to digital events to get the latest video game news out there. Whether you’re talking platform-specific showcases, publisher-driven …

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Minecraft Dungeons Secrets

Heard about the Minecraft Dungeons secret level you might have missed? Over the course of the game’s nine core levels, Mojang’s hack and slasher is nice and accessible; a simple way for people of all ages to get a taste of the addictive Diablo formula. However, when you take into …

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Satisfactory is coming to Steam

The first-person factory building game Satisfactory went into early access on the Epic Games Store in March, and did very well for itself, selling more than 500,000 copies in less than three months. In October, Coffee Stain Studios designer Nathalie Verwei praised the decision to launch exclusively on the Epic …

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