Meet Grandma

HI ! My name is Grandma Leslie and I have been gaming badly longer than most of you have been alive.

My fascination with games started with a mah jongg game on the PC back in the late 80’s. I sat down to play and at the end of each game I’d think “I KNOW I can do better than that” and I would play it again.  The next time I looked at the clock I was astonished at how much time had elapsed. The entire Saturday had passed while I clicked on tiles.

That’s right, over 30 years of keyboards, joysticks, mice and controllers of various kinds have provided me with hours of entertainment, enjoyment and frustration. I’ve done most of my gaming on PC and  phone and tablet.  My hands never did get the feel of the controllers that come with the console systems and while I was working I really didn’t have the time to play enough to get good at it. But, more about that later.

I think my favorite game over the years was the original World of Warcraft, before the expansion packs.  As soon as I saw an avatar riding on the back of a white tiger I was hooked.  When I realized how much farming I was going have to do in order to earn the money for it I was a little discouraged, but I just HAD to have it so I gathered herbs and sold potions and had an amazing time.  I had a hunter/herbalist and a priest/tailor on the Garona server  and I  played up until the second expansion pack came out. Then someone hacked my account and ran through the streets as my hunter screaming obscenities and my account got banned.

The most fun was Guitar Hero/Rock Band … need I say more?

Lately I have been doing mostly casual gaming, and playing Dungeons and Dragons over Skype but I watch the kids and grandkids and friends and their families handle the controllers and play on the consoles I think of all the games I am missing.  I could be playing them, we have the equipment, but still I shy away.  It’s time for this to stop, I say.  Right now, it’s time to claim my place among the others and stop limiting myself.  I am going to learn my way around a controller.

While I learn you can laugh as hard as my family does when I try to play controller style games with them because I am taking you along for the ride.  I am going to practice and write about it and record it  until I am proficient, which is probably going to take a while; a long while.

See you in the blog!


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