Logitech G923 Wheel and Pedals Available Now

Logitech has released their Logitech G923 wheel and pedals for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with full support for the upcoming Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

The high-performance racing wheel, which succeeds the older G920 and G29, is re-engineered to support a next-generation feedback system, with a feature Logitech calls TRUEFORCE, delivering high-definition force feedback that dials into game engines to deliver higher-fidelity realism.

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It costs $399.99 and currently Assetto Corsa Competizione, GRID and Gran Turismo Sport are the only games that support the TRUEFORCE technology. More games will obviously be supported in due time.

TRUEFORCE changes the game. While other racing wheels simplify and downgrade game physics, Logitech G delivers the first high-definition force feedback steering wheel with precisely controlled forces and an unprecedented update rate.

Most racing wheels still operate on 20-year-old force feedback technology, where forces and vibrations are created from a selection of profiles and a limited library of haptic effects. Designed to overcome the limitations of early USB technology and single-core CPUs, they were used to approximate the sensations generated from your sim car. This means the carefully calculated physics from the game can be simplified and degraded.

Not TRUEFORCE. We developed high-speed, real-time haptics software technology derived from surgical force-feedback systems—with enough bandwidth to deliver detailed game physics right to your G923. So you feel everything.

TRUEFORCE delivers directly rendered kinesthetic and tactile force feedback—calculated internally at up to 4000Hz—right to your G923, delivering an immersive, real-racing experience. Tactile feedback lets you feel everything with fine-tuned nuance—vibrational effects, road surfaces, terrain changes, tire contact, weather. Kinesthetic effects let you feel tire grip, bumps, crashes, and g-forces so you can react quicker and win the race.

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