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We had a rule at our DnD sessions – since there were only 6 of us and we adventured as a team, unless we were all available to play on Sunday afternoon we would cancel that session.  Since we live in three separate geographic areas and one of us is in a time zone with a three hour difference we missed a lot of sessions.

When our DM crafted the methodology we were going to use for our Ebberon campaign he put a suggestion on the table for discussion.  Instead of a long campaign he postulated that we have individual adventures that would only last for several sessions each.  This would enable one of us with commitments to sit out short term and allow the others to continue to play each week.  Sounded wonderful to us.

With that goal in mind we collaboratively designed the world in which we would play.  The Ebberon setting and geography were set out in the official DnD guides.  Within that setting we could let our imaginations run wild.  We created a fictional University in Sharn that employed each of us to retrieve antiquities that were misplaced or stolen during the long war that preceded the time period of our setting.  There is another team from a close by university trying to do the same thing, but their interest is more nefarious – they want to sell them to the highest bidder.  We consider that group smugglers and thieves and thwart them every chance we get.

Our group consists of two Warforged, a sentient life form that were artificially created in the war.  Dave plays Oversight, one of the earlier models; he does not have the power of speech and has to manufacture his own spare parts from what he can salvage through the countryside. Erica plays Gal, a newer model that stands seven feet tall. Chris is a human Wizard called Bon, Deidre plays Phadrea, a Cleric, who happens to ride a dinosaur and I play Latasha, a telepathic Kalashtar monk who is training in The Way of the Open Hand, the most deadly of monk fighting styles.  Scott is our Dungeon Master, who sets up the scenes and monsters and handles any characters that we run into in our travels.  It’s one of the best parts of the week, even though I ended up having to sit out the first adventure due to life commitments.

I’ll be documenting our adventures for you.


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