Grandma Needs Help

Are you an electric gamer?

Among my friends and family I have found a team of experts on each of the console systems who have grudgingly agreed to review their favorite games but the few of us can not hope to get through all the good stuff out there so I am asking the users of my site to send me a review of a game or a game system and I’ll publish it.

Tell me (and everybody else) what you think about a game, the platform or sites that you are using, or anything else that you want to say about our favorite way to pass time.

Send in tips and tricks, codes, short videos or screenshots. Keep it family friendly and make criticism positive. Tell me what platform you use for the game as some are available multi-platform.  If you don’t follow those few rules your review won’t get published. Once we get done commenting on each other’s comments and reviews we all may learn a thing or three.

Send me an email at with your submission.

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