Eureka !!!

I have been struggling for these past few weeks with technology in general.  There was a lot to learn; I had never done a website nor streamed video from my game nor attempted to share it with everyone; and you are all aware of the struggle I have been having with controllers. My frustration stemmed from what seemed to be a disconnect between my brain and my fingers.  My brain thinks ‘A’ and my thumb goes to ‘B’… and vice versa. The same things happen with X and Y. It has been so frustrating !!!

I thought that I would have some muscle memory by now but it just wasn’t happening.


Well now I know why!

I know what is wrong.

I know why I am screwing up.

Look at the following controller illustrations.

Switch Controller
Xbox controller

I have been thinking “press A” and, since I have been going back and forth between the two different systems, press “A” means totally separate movements. It did not dawn on me until last night that the controllers are configured differently.

I can’t believe that I didn’t notice this until now.

So I get to start over again by learning the games through button position rather than button name.  Please, someone remind me never, never agree to play the same game on two different platforms.

When I get a PlayStation up and running I should be really confused, though Tristan tells me that the Xbox and PlayStation controllers have their functionality mapped the same so I shouldn’t fret.


Would someone please read me ‘The Little Engine that Could’?


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