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Leslie and Scott headed to Dragon Con

Mostly we will be talking about PC and electronic gaming here, but there are other forms.

I would like to start by talking about my latest obsession, which for many of you may be an old favorite, Dungeons and Dragons. Years ago, when my boys were in high school my older son and his friends would gather in our basement every weekend for marathon DnD sessions. My role in those games was that of the chief cook and bottle washer, keep them fed and watered. Other than that all I knew was that they were safe and home.

In 2018 my son and I went to Dragon Con in Atlanta, which is the premiere 5 day celebration of all things fantasy and science fiction that occurs in Atlanta every Labor Day weekend. It was not the first time we had gone, but it was the first time we went to the DnD area to play. I had never played the game, nor had I ever watched it get played so I really didn’t know what to expect except for dice rolling. When I found myself pretending to be a wizard and casting spells on enemies such as trolls and demons I was fascinated. I had never realized that the game was as imaginative and involved so much decision making on the part of the players. ‘Where is the most strategic place for me to move to on the board?’; ’Which spell should I use?’.

It was the reaction that my son anticipated and he and his friends invited me to join their adventuring party. Now, on Sunday afternoons we Skype from Canada, Rhode Island and Georgia while we play online at For the last month or so we have been planning our new campaign in Ebberon, now released for 5e play. I have been playing an elf / wizard since I joined them and for the new game I have been developing a Kalashtar monk, Latasha, who is going to be hell on wheels. She is currently at her Monastery pledging to follow ‘The Way of the Open Hand ‘

I can’t wait for you to meet her.

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