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I have been working on my controller skills, and I do see some improvement. though no where near enough.  In order to combat this I looked through the Xbox Game Pass library and found the perfect learning tool, ‘Banjo Kazooie’. The game starts off by assuming that you know nothing about using a controller and starts with the basics.

The first helpful thing was learning how to keep the camera behind me so I had the perspective of seeing where I was going. That alone improved my walking skills from drunken stagger to aimless meandering.  I then learned to swim, jump and double jump.  The point of the game is collect pieces of honeycomb from each area.  There are six in the first area and so far I have obtained three of them.  One was in an underwater cave, the other I had to climb a tree and jump up to collect. The third I had to make a jump from one tree stump to the other to obtain.

I can see one of the others, but I have to jump three ledges to get to it.  In the beginning I kept screwing up the initial jump, ending up in the water under the ledge and swimming out to try again.  The best I have done so far is make it to the second ledge successfully.  The jump to the third ledge is eluding me as I have a tendency to anticipate what I am going to need to do and engaging the controller too soon. Back into the water I go.

Today’s clip is of me inadvertently cliff diving with Banjo.

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