A Claw Machine On Your Phone

With pretty much every amusement arcade in the world closed for lockdown, you probably haven’t had a go on a claw machine in months.

Unless, that is, you’ve got a cellphone. Clawee, which has been available in the US for more than two years, is a claw machine that you can play from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the miracle of smartphone technology.

To be clear, Clawee isn’t a virtual claw machine. It’s the real thing, and it’s not just one claw machine either: there are tons to choose from, all with different prizes on offer.

And when your grabber successfully grips a prize and drops it into the chute, the nice people at Clawee send that prize right to your address.

Lots of Awesome Prizes Offered

Those high quality prizes include plushies, Pokemon, Disney toys and memorabilia, cosplay items, games, mystery items, and much, much more, with new prizes being added every day. Just be aware: some of these aren’t the sorts of things that you can grab with a grabber, so you’ll be aiming for substitutes instead.

In terms of the physical gameplay, Clawee couldn’t be simpler. You’ve got one shot at moving the grabber sideways, and then one shot at moving it deeper into the cabinet. In a neat, helpful touch, the camera switches to a sideways view when you move the arm towards the back.

Clawee is a game of skill and patience. You could almost mistake it for a real life claw machine session, save for one important difference: Clawee lets you play for free until you win. It also gives you bonus credits for logging in every day, and inviting friends.

But there are perks to paying. VIP players get free shipping on the items that they win, and the prizes on offer are more expensive. VIPs can even exchange prizes back into coins, and receive freebie tickets for every play they take part in – which allows them to claim free prizes in the freebie shop.

Either way, Clawee is a totally different mobile gaming experience, a much needed taste of the outside world, and an opportunity to win prizes. You can watch others play to learn how best to employ the best strategies, and even see the last winning video for each machine.

It has tons of daily promotions that allow users to earn free coins too, so what are you waiting for – download it for free right now.

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