Casual Gaming 4: Match 3

Someone once commented to me that Match 3 games were boring; it seemed like the same thing over and over. They had obviously never progressed past the tutorials.

These games are fairly simple for the first few levels but gradually increase in complexity until it is tear your hair out time. The early levels are basically a tutorial on how that particular one works.  They are all “the same only different”, as my Daddy used to say.  When you match three similar pieces they disappear from the board and the ones above tumble down and the blank spaces at the top are filled.

Match 4 or 5 pieces and you create a bonus piece, which can clear out rows or columns.  Match 5 and you may have a piece that will destroy all of the similar pieces on the board.  Match in the shape of a L or a T and the game may create a bomb that be used to destroy a grid of pieces. Each game will teach you their schema of moves in the beginning levels.

These games are logic puzzles and moves need to be thought about and planned when you reach the more difficult stages.  It can require you to uncage pieces that are trapped or figure out how to open gates to let more tokens fall into the game board.  Did I mention that there are only a limited number of moves for each level?  I often find there is one less move than I need to beat the level.  Of course, you can buy more moves when you need them if you want to spend the money.

When starting a level make sure that you understand the objectives and mechanics involved.  Typically it is best to  begin working at the bottom of the game board because as the pieces tumble down while the bottom is being cleared the chaos of moving parts will accomplish some of the requirements at the top without you having to expend a move to get at them.

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