Backwards Compatibility PS 5 / Xbox X

Information released about these two new competitive consoles due for the holidays included technical specifications and the plans to handle games released for previous versions of the systems. Backwards compatibility is an issue that has always been close to my heart.  After purchasing the latest and the greatest system it seemed absurd to have to buy another version of the games that were loved or to keep both versions of the console up and running.

The new PlayStation 5 will have 3 modes.  One is the native PlayStation for new games that are released, then there is a mode to support PS4 and one for PS4 Pro.  The most popular 100 games will be backwards compatible through using these modes with more of the current games to be made available after the console is released. I have not yet come across any documentation that lists the names of the games but when I do I’ll make it available in a post.

PlayStation has made an additional announcement regarding backwards compatibility after the reaction to the first.  They stated that because of the enhanced capabilities of the PS 5 each game in their library has to be individually tested to make sure it is performing optimally with the new architecture, but they intend to mast most of the 4,000 title library available.  I think that we can look forward to staggered releases.

The Xbox X has the advantage in this category.  They plan to have the system play all Xbox One and One S games plus all of the Xbox 360 that are currently backwards compatible for the Xbox One.  I posted the current lint in a seperate post.


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