Surgeon Simulator 2 Review

Revealed at the PC Gaming Show, Surgeon Simulator 2 is more than just another game about a silly, bendy arm causing havoc in an operating theatre. It’s something else entirely, cleverly branching out into other genres while retaining the gross, medically dubious physics comedy you’d expect from the series. The …

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TwitchCop emote on Desk Duty

TwitchCop is a global emote that, according to The Verge, was added to the platform following a fan vote in 2017. It was quietly removed from the platform yesterday, a move that Twitch said was to “prevent misuse.” “We made the decision to proactively pull down the TwitchCop emote to …

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Minecraft Dungeons Secrets

Heard about the Minecraft Dungeons secret level you might have missed? Over the course of the game’s nine core levels, Mojang’s hack and slasher is nice and accessible; a simple way for people of all ages to get a taste of the addictive Diablo formula. However, when you take into …

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Satisfactory is coming to Steam

The first-person factory building game Satisfactory went into early access on the Epic Games Store in March, and did very well for itself, selling more than 500,000 copies in less than three months. In October, Coffee Stain Studios designer Nathalie Verwei praised the decision to launch exclusively on the Epic …

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Arkane 20th anniversary

It’s hard to believe that Arkane Studios has been around for 20 years, but facts are facts: It was founded in 1999, released its first game (the brilliant Arx Fatalis) in 2002, and—with all due respect—languished in relative obscurity until Dishonored put it on the map in a big way …

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