Marvel’s Avengers Adds More PlayStation Advantages

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that those playing Marvel’s Avengers on PlayStation platforms will be the only ones able to add Spider-Man to their roster, Crystal Dynamics has revealed even more exclusive advantages coming to the PlayStation version when it launches in a month. Today, Crystal Dynamics took to the PlayStation …

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Ranking The Souls Games Series

Since the esoteric Demon’s Souls flew in the face of gaming trends, From Software has become the gold standard to emulate in the world of action/RPGS, providing desolate backdrops where unyielding challenges give way to unprecedented victories. So, how do all the games stack up against one another? Everyone has their tastes …

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Summer Digital Event Schedule

With the circumstances surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic causing organizers to cancel major conventions and expos and like E3, Gamescom, and Tokyo Game Show, many publishers, developers, and event organizers have turned to digital events to get the latest video game news out there. Whether you’re talking platform-specific showcases, publisher-driven …

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Exclusive Madden NFL Deal Renewed

Madden NFL Deal News: Update #2: Electronic Arts has officially announced the extension, adding that it is planning new games in “new genres with more forms of play and self-expression, available on more platforms, including expanded offerings for mobile players.” Furthermore, NFL commissioner Roger Goddell added, “The expansion of this partnership …

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A Look at MotoGP 20

I’ve played many racing games, but MotoGP 20 is a new kind of challenge that I wholeheartedly embrace. The high-speed, demanding bikes require a slightly different approach from the traditional race car techniques I’m accustomed to, breeding an internal competition for understanding and mastery that leads to a heightened tension …

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Review of Trials of Mana

The beloved Mana series hasn’t traveled an easy road. After earning accolades in the ‘90s, the franchise has struggled to capture the same magic in a modern landscape. People began to wonder if the series had seen its last days, but 2018’s Secret of Mana remake showed Square Enix still …

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Fortnite Musical Experience – Travis Scott To Premiere New Track

Rapper Travis Scott is debuting a brand new track in a new, unique musical experience within Fortnite. Described as “an other-worldly experience,” Astronomical is built from the ground up in Epic Games’ juggernaut game. To ensure players around the world can enjoy the Astronomical experience live with friends, Epic will …

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