Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Debuts

Samurai Jack:Battle Through Time is a visual feast for fans of the Comedy Central / Adult Swim series that debuted in 2001. “Samurai Jack is an American action-adventure animated television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. Tartakovsky conceived Samurai Jack after finishing his work on his first Cartoon Network original series, Dexter’s Laboratory, which premiered in …

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Grandma Sez

Grandma Goes On A Rant  Better Translations, PLEASE !! Discovering Dungeons and Dragons  My Latest Obsession Eureka !!!  I have been struggling for these past few weeks  with technology in general. Please share

Tristan on Destiny 2.

Last week was Spring Break so digital learning stopped for  a week and Tristan, 15, spent most of the week with us. Well, to be more accurate, Tristan spent most of the week playing Destiny 2 on my X-box.  I know he is listed as one of my PlayStation experts, …

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Eureka !!!

I have been struggling for these past few weeks with technology in general.  There was a lot to learn; I had never done a website nor streamed video from my game nor attempted to share it with everyone; and you are all aware of the struggle I have been having …

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Controller Kindergarten

    I have been working on my controller skills, and I do see some improvement. though no where near enough.  In order to combat this I looked through the Xbox Game Pass library and found the perfect learning tool, ‘Banjo Kazooie’. The game starts off by assuming that you …

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Casual Gaming 4: Match 3

Someone once commented to me that Match 3 games were boring; it seemed like the same thing over and over. They had obviously never progressed past the tutorials. These games are fairly simple for the first few levels but gradually increase in complexity until it is tear your hair out …

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Back at the Ranch

Vacuuming a plort.  Notice the smooth movement as I aim the vac. After Will saw the pathetic clip of me in the first scene of ‘Star Wars III’ he agreed that I needed to go back to ‘Slime Rancher’ and work on basic controller skills. No kidding. I started the …

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