‘Astrologaster’ is Awesome

Last night I pulled up ‘Astrologaster’  for Windows 10 through my Xbox game pass.  It is an extremely witty, clever game that had me laughing out loud right from the beginning.

The game is structured like a children’s pop up book; as you finish each scene you turn the page to the next one. It is set in Shakespeare’s London at the time of the plague and our fearless Astrologaster, Dr. Simon Forman,  is providing medical treatment according to the positions of the stars, with some help from you. He treats many of the people of the town for medical, personal and professional problems; some more than once, with varying degrees of success.


He is reported for practicing medicine without a license and the solution he proposes is that he get ten letters of recommendation from his patients proving that he is effective so that he can stay out of jail. The question is, has he caused so much chaos that his quest is impossible?

It’s great fun and we can all use a laugh these days.

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